In May 2016, Brett Piva drove from Newcastle New South Wales, to Taranna Tasmania over 4 weeks exploring and documenting the natural and cultural environment along the east Tasmanian coastline. Basing himself in Taranna, each day was spent driving, hiking and drawing and painting natural shapes and colours found on each journey.

This being Brett's first Sydney solo exhibition, he is presenting a series of new abstract works which merge natural forms with lettering discovered around the Tasmanian landscape. All works use traditional gold leaf application on glass with enamels hand painted in reverse to reveal an elegant design on the face of each piece.


Brett Piva is the Founder, Creative Director and Curator for both Pocket Design - Newcastle creative studio, and MAKEit MADEit - Newcastle Creative Conference. Brett specialises in bespoke, hand-crafted lettering, signage, murals and has exhibited works in cities across Australia and The United States. A curious mix of ultra-modern and old-school, Brett has studied and worked in the traditional trade of signwriting throughout his career, but has also designed with agencies in London and Sydney with a portfolio including work for heavy hitters like Coca Cola, Cadbury, Virgin Mobile, Disney, Kodak and Subaru. 

Over recent years Brett has travelled throughout Australia and the world to conduct research and collaborate with everyone from traditional signwriters in little country towns, to world renowned artists. Brett uses traditional reverse glass painting techniques with gold leaf and enamels while also experimenting with timber sculptural works. His work is formed by developing natural patterns and lines that are found whilst adventuring in the Australian bush and within forestries of the East Australian coastline of New South Wales and Tasmania.