Charlie White

There is an inherent value in documenting people in a straightforward, non distracting way. Portraits allow us to not only look at a person shown, but also at ourselves - the differences we feel between them and us, and the broader similarities we sense we all share being subject to the human condition. It is this power of portrait photography that White seeks to use: the private, quiet cerebral space it grants us to judge, compare and examine ourselves through the facades of others.

Large Portraits is the product of formally photographing people White has met while working in portraiture and fashion photography in New York, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, trying to capture them with a stillness that isn’t afforded when we meet someone in day to day life. Using a mural enlarger, the works in Large Portraits are all hand-printed silver gelatin prints made in the darkroom, just over a metre square in size.

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April 19th.
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