Helen’s exhibition Breathe focuses on the enduring pull of the Australian coast line and draws from her experience discovering its many forms. Helen has long spent her summers living in salt and allowing the movement of the tides and the soft refractions of light in pockmarked rocks to imbue her paintings with a strong sense of place.

This exhibition continues the tradition of paying homage to the colours and emotion of the Australian landscape. Helen layers her interest in stencil art, photography and tapestry with her newer fascination for the natural forms of cliff edges and rough-hewn rock pools.
Helen spends her summers embedded in this landscape, using its restorative power as an escape from the frantic energy of the city. She tries to capture the spirit of release that comes from plunging into the still water for the first swim of the day—‘The salt water washes away any thoughts that cloud my mind and forces me to breathe. The swell of the ocean tide also reminds me of the landscape inhaling and exhaling. I feel a greater connection to this country when I’m able to be in sync with the ocean.’

Breathe will be Helen’s last Australian show for some time. She will continue her art practice in Europe for the foreseeable future. This show looks back on ten years of calling Sydney home and pays tribute to the ocean and coastline that is both a part of and a stark contrast to the cites identity.

One night only, Wednesday April 26th, 6PM, Lvl 1, 115 Regent St Chippendale.