‘…the certainties of adult life,’ 
- Bill Henson, 2009

'...adulthood does not seem to me in any way certain. Rather, I feel more volatile, as if my emotions have become more polarising with age.'
- Anador Walsh, (Editor/Content Curator of Apathetic Journal)

Apathetic's second incarnation, Floored, is a play on the word flawed. It deals with the dual concepts of being flawed/floored:the erroneous nature of human beings and the power of human emotion. Floored finds its resonance in moments of weakness and emotional consumption. 

In this issue, this theme is looked at from the perspective of 21 Australian creatives, all at different stages in their adulthood. From Gabriella Lo Presti’s exploration of desire and its manifestation in physical environments, through Jordan Devlin’s satire of our Internet age and Dean Delandre’s evocations of joy, to Hugo Costin’s story of two lovers who never got to love one another.

To be Floored is to be ‘knocked for six.’ This is a collection of those moments.

Apathetic is a biannual, arts and design journal based in Sydney. It aims to function as a three platform exhibition space, showcasing the work of young, Australian creatives, who's work is subversive of the stigma that persons of this demographic are apathetic.