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I've Made My Bed – Neva Hosking


I've Made My Bed is a collection of drawing and printmaking that map a personal geography. A focus on found, scrap, and non-traditional materials inform the work and challenge the physicality of the two-dimensional. The use of plaster and fabric seeks to value the print as an object in its own right. 

Fragmentations and imperfections are embraced as a reflection of the limitations of human memory and experience.




About the artist

For those who don’t already know, who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Neva, I'm from Perth but moved to Sydney study printmaking at NAS. I'm currently spending most of my time trying to figure out ways to keep printing around the house and adopting stray animals

What can people expect to see at your exhibition?

There will be a lot of drawing because it's what I love the most, but I've tried to keep pushing myself, been sewing and plaster-casting and making bigger works than I have in the past.

How did you go about creating the work? Can you describe some of the process?

The first step in all these works is image collecting, I've built quite a large archive just from pictures I take out and about, screenshots, game stills, old photo albums etc. Big drawings are just kind of a meditative vomit of all those things, collated in ways that tell a story to me. I work with found/scrap/non-traditional materials and find that informs the process and final result a lot too. 

What are some key themes or inspiration behind the show?

Most of these works were made as a kind of catharsis and as a way of working through certain events of the past year. It was a very full year emotionally which is helpful when it comes to source material, I'm happy to leave it open to individual interpretation. The sleeping works are part of a series I've been (slowly, slowly) working on for the last four years. It began as a way of life drawing without the fidgeting but I've found that sleep reveals a lovely vulnerability in people and I enjoyed trying to capture it.