To Each Their Own is a group photography exhibition of 7 friends raising money for 7 charities in an effort to give back to their community. Where many people in our local community and greater society believe that change is made solely by dedicated activists, we recognize that it starts with the individual and the idea and desire for change in all of us. This is the outcome of friendships formed over the last 15 years and our journey together to become contributing members of our community. We are barbers, business owners, baristas, photographers, designers, nurses, videographers and friends. We have taken plenty and are ready to give back, but we need your help.

Join us for a two part photography exhibition where each contributor will be donating 7 images to the cause. Unlimited orders for fine art prints of each image will be available for purchase on the night. It doesn't matter which images are purchased as we will be splitting net proceeds between the 7 charities equally. There will also be a collections bucket at the desk for those who wish to contribute but have no need to walk away with a keepsake.

Contributors: Marty BaileyDaniel BlakemoreVinnie BottonConnor KeighranEdmund RenewMay Tin and Troels Thomasen.

Through this exhibit we are hoping to raise funds to (in no particular order): Brighten the lives of sick children and their families through the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia. Provide much needed support to those suffering from anxiety and depression through beyondblue. Assist in the conservation and rehabilitation of our native wildlife with the help of WIRES. Support and promote the creation of an Aboriginal community that is healthy, self supporting and a source of hope, pride and leadership both to its own members and for the wider Australian community, both indigenous and non-indigenous through the Redfern Foundation. Contribute to a vision of a world where people of all sexualities, genders and intersex status are affirmed, secure, healthy and connected living in a society without oppression, persecution or violence with Twenty10. Help guide and teach future generations and our own to end men’s violence towards women with the help of White Ribbon, and
Provide clean clothes and belongings to the homeless, bringing with it the confidence to engage and connect to our wider community with the help of the Orange Sky Australia.