‘Against the Grain’  explores the importance of zines to young creatives who are able to express their sense of identity through different formats and methods of self-publishing.

Defined as small circulation, self-published works, zines are a highly accessible medium that have been utilised by a range of creatives throughout history to voice their creativity outside of mainstream channels. This tangible form of expression is highly important to commemorate an area of interest for the individual, particularly in an age where work can be rapidly shared and forgotten within the digital sphere.

This exhibition examines unconventional approaches to zine-making, challenging the traditional perception of how a publication should look and operate. To accompany their work, each artist has been invited to display process work such as original artwork and photographs that have informed the creation of their zine.

Featuring work by:

Harleigh English
Nadia Hernández
Isabella Chow
Zoe Gojnich
Carl Steffan
Max Berry
Evie Cahir
Mikey Heath
Carla McRae
Jarryd Lynagh
Diana Bui
Jesse Chick
Paddy Morgan
Cottesloe Studio
Daniel Flynn
Bradlee Wiseman
Robert Hogan