A nod to all the places you visit… the movement of bodies on a dance floor, or swimming in the ocean, or on stage performing… experiencing everything you possibly can in a day. To be always on the move.

Presenting MOVE by j-ulialouise.

Having recently moved to Melbourne, Julia is coming back to Sydney for her first ever solo exhibition to celebrate her work, the Sydney community, and her friends. 

Driven by the desire to always be on the move and experience everything to the fullest, Julia captures her personal perspective of the world through film. When she was living in Sydney, you could find her at the beach, catching up with a friend, at work, a gig and a club all in the space of 24 hours. Her passion for doing things is obvious and reflected in her diverse subject matter.

Julia’s photographs present a raw quality, be it friends or performers on stage, her ability to capture people in their natural state does not go unmissed. Breaking down the distance between camera and subject, her photographs are sincere and personal, making it clear her subjects are so evidently comfortable in their various states.

Julia says of her exhibition – “it’s a dedication to all that Sydney has to offer… the gigs, the clubs, the festivals. Beautiful days filled with sunshine and the beaches we are lucky to have. All of the people and all of the places. More than anything this exhibit is dedicated to all the incredible people I’ve come across in the past couple of years living in Sydney.”

One night only, Wednesday June 14th, 6PM.
Lvl 1, 115 Regent St, Chippendale.