Candyland + Co. – Erica Nottage, Lucy Wylie, and Molly Galvin


"Candyland is a culmination of my art alongside the loveliest people around. We aim to combine and share our warped outlooks on life, easing any aches or anxieties through our very own boogie wonderland."


For those who don’t already know, who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Erica from suburban Sydney and I like to make art.


What can people expect to see at your exhibition?

Alongside many paintings, many films, much live music.  


How did you go about creating the work? Can you describe some of the process?

Much of the work I am showcasing has been done in the last 6 months coming from the limbo land of teenage hood and the adult world. Exhibiting such works alongside those who I love is a way to illustrate my value for unity in the art world in a society lead by the dollar. Painting is platform I use to express my frustration.


What are some key themes or inspiration behind the show?

Candyland is ideally a place to indulge in dancing to bring a sense of oneness with others, aiming to tap into our childish virtues.