Kowloon: In Transit – Billy Zammit


Solo exhibition & zine release. Unseen imagery from several visits over the past 5 years travelling to HongKong.



For those who don’t already know, who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Billy Zammit, A Photographer & Videographer based out of Sydney Australia. Working professionally in the commercial creative industry across many platforms; Advertisement, Campaigns, Documentary, Fashion & Music. 

What can people expect to see at your exhibition?

KOWLOON - In Transit has been a body of work I have slowly created over the course of five years, travelling to Hong Kong and more specifically Kowloon capturing a mixed perspective. That of a local day in the life, also an observation of the daily grind. 

I’ve attempted to showcase a different viewpoint of this city with more intimacy than showing the speed and pace of the day to day. Somewhat intrusive in nature, however respectfully capturing otherwise unseen actions and everyday occurrences throughout the city. The work is a mix of Street, Portraiture & Architecture - mix medium of digital and analogue film photography. 

This Exhibition is also the first iteration of the ‘In Transit’ series - beginning with the series with a city I have an undying affinity for and on the back of my most recent trip over December I was able to finally come to a conclusion on this project.  On the 7th there will also be a cross release for the ‘Kowloon - In Transit.’ zine. Limited to 100 pieces and filled with unseen images more so than the exhibition itself. 


How did you go about creating the work? Can you describe some of the process? 

A lot of early mornings and several hundreds of kilometres travelled in transit. Walking around the city with a heavy bag filled with four lenses and three cameras - picking moments and chasing people down the street while trying to stay discreet and document without curating. (not easy)

Everything captured in the exhibition is candid and it was extremely difficult to decide the right moment, to pick the right subject and to not waste a shot. Shooting street photography is almost therapeutic for me and extremely refreshing to take it back to the roots where it started for me (shooting street photography in Sydney).

Walking back and forth close to every street from the Mongkok, Kowloon district - getting to know the MTR rail system and travelling from LoWu to Chai Wan multiple times. ‘Learning’ Kowloon isn’t possible. You seem to know direction and where you’re geographically located - however the same location could look completely different the next day and there’s always an alleyway missed behind a line of taxis or market stalls. 


What are some key themes or inspiration behind the show? 

I was inspired by Hong Kong’s unrelated ability to stand out on every corner. In such a vibrant, colourful city - there’s always something new to see on every corner. 

The initial aim was to showcase Hong Kong from my perspective - every aspect of the street culture, aged architecture and amazing candid portraits I was able to come across whilst finding locations that may otherwise never be seen by the public or acknowledged as beauty. 

This morphed very quickly into a project more so about location than my perspective. I wanted to create a body of work which is relatable to tourists of Hong Kong and those who have visited, residents who can understand the atmosphere and appreciate the creative spin on the everyday life and for those who can see the project for face value - A beautiful city with a slightly grimey edge, which can be viewed from a street photographers point of view.   


I hope everyone enjoys it!