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West Coast — Cat Wratten


The terrain of the Western Australian coastline reminds you of being on another planet. Strange rock formations, surreal colours, highways dotted with abandoned convict stations and flat endless horizons, highlighting the vastness and making you aware of just how isolated you are. The sound of the flies are deafening and echo in the unwavering heat, the lack of shade making leaving your vehicle a draining experience. It's a kaleidoscope of colours, tones and textures, a landscape so inhospitable yet strangely serene. 

This exhibit features documentation from a trip exploring the Western Australian coastline, starting from my hometown of Perth and navigating up through the Wheatbelt and Mid West until almost reaching the most Westerly point of Australia. 


For those who don’t already know, who are you, and what do you do?

My names Cat, I'm based in Sydney and I do a lot of different things. Mostly taking photos, or trying to find the inspiration to, enjoying art, travelling or cooking.


What can people expect to see at your exhibition?

People can expect to see some landscape images from my trip to Western Australia, as well as some more personal photographs from the archive.


How did you go about creating the work? Can you describe some of the process?

I usually plan trips based on where I'd love to create images. I'm obsessed with google maps and spend hours combing over satellite imagery of potential locations. I was born in Perth but had never travelled outside of it or seen any of the western countryside, so I made a lot of pins on my map and off we went.


What are some key themes or inspiration behind the show?

Themes of exploration, nature and beauty.