“A man was sawn in half and lives to tell the fairytale of how he survived: 4000 stitches and a little bit of magic, if you can find your open mind.”

Visual artist and illustrator, Freda Chiu joins forces with musical miracle-maker, OM Collective to bring you into the world of 'Mr. Kite's Open Mind': An audiovisual trip of technicolour splendour complete with nipple-slips, pink Jesus-hippies, and who-needs-LSD-when-you've-got kaleidoscopic projections.

A world first listen into OM Collective's debut album, 'A Collection of Mr. Kite's Open Mind.'
& the grand reveal of a new work by artist Tom Ferson.

Bring more underwear.
You will have an orgasm.

One night only: July 20.


Freda Chiu
FB: facebook.com/fredachiuart
Insta: @_fredachiu_

OM Collective: 
FB: facebook.com/OMCollectiveLove
Insta: @omcollective