Goodspace & The Stockroom present - 
‘MYTHOS’ A solo exhibition featuring new work by Sam Octigan.

MYTHOS finds Octigan turning his focus to a series of different cultural myths, exploring and considering the commonalities, differences and roles they’ve played throughout history and how they permeate to present day. Extending his own interest in the themes of memory, history, influence and truth in an alternate way by working from existing material.

Visually following his path of bold, dynamic, arresting paintings on canvas, MYTHOS is seen as an opportunity to work and experiment with narratives that are universal and intertwining. To further play with composition, color and texture, resulting in an exciting, contemporary body of work that is a faithful interpretation of the subject matter, inline with Octigan’s recognizable aesthetic/practice.

MYTHOS is the fourth solo exhibition by the Melbourne based artist and will be on display in both Sydney and Melbourne during the month of November.

Exhibition on view at Goodspace, Sydney on the 16th of November, 6-9pm followed by an opening at The Stockroom, Melbourne on the 19th of November 4-7pm. The exhibition then continues at The Stockroom until the 26th of November.