James is a 24 year old creative based out of Sydney who you’d usually find on a late night dance floor or inside the photo pit at your favourite band gig. 

This project display is a far cry from the former, and the latter of his comfort zone.

It presents a fresh contrast for James and a chance for him to experiment with unfamiliar subject matter.

“Shot with a fixed 35mm Fuji over two consecutive years of Summer across the coastlines of France and Italy - ENDLESS SUMMER is an exercise in observation – It takes a leisurely, sometimes voyeuristic approach to what forms the timeless essence of summer in Europe. Depicting tropes of carefree European culture through beach umbrellas, bums, pastel coloured buildings and crystal waters, with the goal of highlighting how memories of travel are recollected, reflected and remembered in people’s minds – through a golden film-like filter of nostalgia.”

Influences include film photographers such as Massimo Vitali, classic 60’s and 70’s French and Italian cinema – Notably ‘Bonjour Tristesse'.

One night only Wednesday Nov 1 from 6PM