Must Love Koalas presents
November 23rd -25th, 2015
Exhibition celebration drinks Wednesday November 25th 6pm

Bizarre Bazaar is the first collaborative project and exhibition from creative duo Must Love Koalas. The show is an amalgamation of Wachjudy and Bronar-Thomas' practices, referencing a mutual love for the 60s/70s. Presented as an immersive experience, the exhibition seeks to understand the relevance of nostalgia and influence of history, colour and imagery in artistic practices. Through painting, collage, ceramics, drawing, weaving, found objects, performance, video and installation, the show pursues the sentiments of aesthetics. 

Must Love Koalas
Must Love Koalas are a creative duo based in Sydney. 
Initiated from an array of close-collaborations between Mashara Wachjudy and Madelin Bronar-Thomas, Must love koalas has evolved into a co-productive space that sees an amalgamation of both Wachjudy and Bronar-Thomas' practices.