Mirror Mirror is a journey toward self-acceptance and a fascination with both societal perception of women and self-perception through Jess Cochrane’s strikingly beautiful and simultaneously grotesque paintings.

We see a lot of things through the reflection of a mirror. We see things we dislike about our appearance.
We watch ourselves transform when we apply makeup and clothing to our bodies. 
There is a deeply rooted connection to beauty and the grotesque within the mirror. 
There is a connection to being on display and being in disguise within the reflection we see in the mirror.

Jess’ work plays on the insecurities we have and the harsh criticism we give ourselves when we are in front of the mirror, revealing the anxieties of how we see ourselves and how we allow others to see us.

Exhibition Wednesday October 5th from 6PM, exhibition open Thursday October 6th 11am - 4PM