Sha’an d’Anthes’ distinct use of color and texture meets new maturity in her second solo show PRICKLY. The exhibition pays tribute to all those who personify the cactus by embodying strength, vibrancy, sharpness, and resilience - and who are not afraid to be a little… Prickly

While maintaining her recognisable watercolour style, d’Anthes deviates from her previous subject matter of animals and people and moves into a new plant-life oriented body of work, focusing solely on the audience's reactions to colour, texture and visual devices. The artist's new collection evokes the feeling of nostalgia, stimulates the imagination, and upholds her use of 'childhood' as a theme.

PRICKLY is open for viewing 2-4PM Monday 13th July and 1-4PM Tuesday 14th July

Exhibition celebration drinks 6PM Wednesday 15th July