If you’re born into a village in Isaan (North-East Thailand), chances are you are already fighting from the moment you draw your first breath. 

You’re fighting fate, a merciless opponent, who offers you a childhood of drugs, alcohol, gang violence and rape. 
Few children have the strength or resources to change these circumstances. 

During my time in Thailand, I worked closely with Wor.Watthana, a village Muay Thai gym run by Boom, an Isaan local, and his Canadian born wife Frances. 
Boom and Frances have not only created a gym where children from all over the region can learn new skills to create employment opportunities and dreams but they have also created a safe space, a place to escape from the negative influences that their rural life can have. 

'Isaan; The Heart of Muay Thai' is an exhibition showcasing the lives of fighters in rural Isaan, highlighting the courage, devotion, hurdles and triumphs.

All funds raised from this event will go towards improving the facilities of local Isaan gyms and providing the fighters with the proper nutrition and equipment that they need in order to achieve their goals.

One night only, Wednesday 28th September from 6PM