According to a 2008 Australian Bureau of Statistics survey, nearly ‘three million Australians live with depression and/or anxiety, which affect their wellbeing, personal relationships, career and productivity’.

We, a couple of art school friends decided this issue needs to remain at the forefront, to reaffirm that no one is alone when fighting mental illness. Solace, a one night exhibition will showcase fifteen artists from a variety of disciplines including painting, illustration, photography and sculpture. Each artist will explore and represent their own experience in places of solace, whether that be an aesthetic place or within the artist’s process of making.

This event will proudly support beyondblue and its progressive attitude towards mental illness, with 50% of the sale of each artwork going directly to an amazing cause.

Featuring work by:

Hollie Martin
Dionysos Avramides
Rory Simmons
Diana Bui
Doug Schofield
Kevin Diallo
Caoife Power
Lotte Smith
Sian Davis
Tulla Carson
Jacob Boylan
Paddy Morgan
Daniel Flynn
Bradlee Wiseman
Robert Hogan

Curated by: Daniel Flynn, Bradlee Wiseman and Robert Hogan