‘Choke Me; Don’t Suffocate Me’ is a photography and collage series by Sophie Joyce, exploring the conflicting need to be sexually expressive and the repulsion felt when people overstep boundaries. Survivors of sexual assault often spend a long time navigating the pressure of being a well-behaved advocate and exploring their own morality within romantic relationships. With the accessibility of social media and online dating culture, there is more room for creating safe spaces to explore sexuality and kink, but also more platforms for entitlement and abusive behaviour to filter through.

The collages are made up of self-portraits, taken with the same tools used to send intimate photographs within chat rooms (phone camera, webcam etc.). Through these images she mimics the intimate self-portraits women take in their rooms, often pixelated, rough and over processed. These photographs are juxtaposed by real messages received through dating websites from strangers and memories of micro aggressions she has experienced from men over time.

The series raises questions about the ways survivors can navigate commitment and functional relationships within a toxic dating culture.

One night only - Wednesday July 26th, 6pm